Mon Mar 21 09:38:00 EDT 2011

Next hardware projects

1. Synth controller / calibration.  This is a circuit implementing a
   collection of haptic-band (< 200Hz) DACs using class-D drivers
   connected to exponential sawtooth VCOs, using square wave frequency
   feedback for calibration.

     - Staapl multi-PIC monitor, i.e. I2C
     - USB for monitor + MIDI

2. Staapler.  This is a circuit implementing an alternative programmer
   that works better with Staapl.  This could use PK2 firmware but
   probably needs dedicated firmware to be effective.

   Will support only limited set of chips since it's probably best to
   incorporate virgin chip programming.

   To get this going, make a test board with 2 PICS, one to act as a
   programmer, and one as a slave.  A simple circuit is possible if I
   use LVP on the slave PIC.

   A PK2 with modified firmware is probably best, but is more work to
   get going.

   A PK2 with v2 firmware should be enough.  Here, using the standard
   20bit protocol is probably best, as it's best supported.  Last time
   I got stuck on getting the bit-banged async serial to work


  - USB driver
  - I2C monitor

It looks like the USB driver is going to have the highest payoff, as
it would avoid the necessity of building new boards.  It also seems
like the most work.

Reusing a PK2 v2 and sticking to something that can use the
programming protocol seems to be the best approach.  So let's revive
the pk2 code first.