Thu Mar 17 09:45:40 EDT 2011

Mixer feedback

I had some fun yesterday with the new Behringer Xenyx 802 mixer, some
patch cords and a distortion pedal.  The mixer has only one effects
send which I used to feed the distortion pedal.  See description[1]
and recording[2].

This makes me think that an interesting application would be to build
a circuit that has this kind of patching hard-coded, and just play
with the feedback gains.  To some extent it might be possible to
automate the "chaos search".  What I do manually is to turn some knobs
and look for transition points.  Then I apply minuscule changes to
find the chaotic regions inbetween.

[1] http://mala.wha.la/pool/moderately-extraterrestrial.txt
[2] http://mala.wha.la/pool/moderately-extraterrestrial.ogg