Sun Feb 27 19:14:08 EST 2011

Analog audio in

The trouble with DIY measurement gear is always the front end, and
getting the data in the computer.

For the PIC18 my current option is only 12Mbit USB (full-speed).
Ethernet is possible, but only at 10Mbit.  So the PIC doesn't seem to
be a good solution for anything more than audio rate.

I've rencently been using AT91 for a project.  I have a AT91SAM7X-EK
board with 100Mbit ethernet.  The USB only goes up to 12Mbit also.

So two questions:

  * What is the fastest rate the AT91 can send?

  * What is the max sample frequency of the ADC?

    1.25 uS conversion time
    384 ksps

The ADC speed isn't so high.  Max data rate (10 bits) is just below
4Mbit.  There should be no reason that doesn't work..