Sat Feb 5 16:39:02 EST 2011

New PIC18 chip : PIC18F14K22

* 20 pins, PDIP available
* nanowatt XLP
* internal oscillator up to 64MHz (16MIPS)
* 64MHz (16MIPS) at 3V
* 1.8 - 5.5V

PIC18LF46K22-I/P, as above except:
* 40 pins, PDIP available
* 2x SPI/I2C  2xUART
* 28 ADC channels

That one caught my eye, but there are many more.  Might need to do a
sheepsint update ;)

EDIT: looks like these new chips are not supported by PK2.  They are
still supported in the ICD2 though.  But then the PK2 product page
says it can debug the PIC18F46K20.