Wed Dec 29 22:48:42 EST 2010

Generator from 1-phase motor


A 1-phase induction motor motor is actually a 2-phase motor, with a
capacitor providing the +- 90 degree phase shift.

Is it possible to ditch the cap and use it in proper 2-phase?

I.e. is the 2nd phase somehow cripled for power rating?

Context: low-power 3-phase motors are expensive.  Low power 1-phase
are almost free (old junk).  It migt be more interesting to
concentrate on recycling junk to build crank generators.

However, a 3-phase is supposed to be more efficient[1].  Why is that?

Is it true that a 1-phase motor does not give constant power?  This
makes sense, as both V and I go through zero at the same time
(ignoring coil inductance).


For low rating (+- 100 W) the electronics are also going to be
a lot cheaper.  Where to get transistors?

[1] http://users.telenet.be/b0y/