Fri Dec 10 16:12:00 EST 2010

Audio card scope

I tried both xoscope and qoscc.  First one only uses /dev/dsp which
doesn't work for me (unless I have emu jack->dsp) and the second one
is way too slow and also seems to be quite buggy.

So, let's dig up pdp_scope~ again.  At least that will give some

What I need is:
  - Triggering
  - Autoscaling (time and amplitude)
  - Grids
  - A pretty display (bresenham / virtual phosphor)

Triggering can be best added to creb, as it seems universally useful,
also for dynwav.  Maybe there is already something like it?

Alternatively: use delay lines.  They are already part of pd and have
exactly what is needed: a variable window into the past.

EDIT: wrote a new one[1].

[1] http://zwizwa.be/darcs/scope