Sun Nov 21 11:21:08 EST 2010

Room acoustics

I've got a 132 Hz resonance in the studio room.  From the location of
the zero (3/4 between the 2 corners) I think this is mode 2, with the
root mode at 66 Hz.

Indeed, at 66Hz there's a zero in the middle of the room.

The corner-to-corner distance is about 4.5 - 5 meters.  At 300m/sec
this gives:

(/ 300 5) -> 60Hz

The distance is then probably more like 4.5 meters:

(/ 300 4.5) -> 66Hz

Edit: some more measurements.  132Hz is a 2.2 meter wavelength, which
is 1/2 the distance between the cross corners.  Maybe put a bass trap
in one of the corners.

[1] http://www.gearslutz.com/board/bass-traps-acoustic-panels-foam-etc/347485-130-hz-peak.html