Tue Jan 20 13:28:14 CET 2009

Topcom UBR 624 (S3C2510A + IP175A)

cosole IO:  AF18 = CUTXD
see library/pool/23C2510A.pdf

also library/pool/IP175A\ LF-DS-R08-20060220.pdf

For the serial port, there is a 2x3-pin header hole underneath one of
the 1000uF capacitors, visible from the bottom of the board, with 2
traces running to the microcontroller.

3 RX
4 TX

Connecting /dev/ttyUSB1,b19200,raw,echo=0 to -

Firmware Version = R1.00b7

Command List:
	IP (set device IP; e.g. IP
	PW (set new PassWord; e.g. PW admin)
	DS (toggle Dhcp Server setting)
	SR (Save new setting and Reboot)
	RR (Restore default setting and Reboot)
	SP (set memory address; e.g. SP80000000)
	OB (set one byte data; e.g. OB)
	IB (get one byte data; e.g. IB)
	OW (set two byte data; e.g. OW)
	IW (get two byte data; e.g. IW)
	OL (set two byte data; e.g. OL)
	IL (get two byte data; e.g. IL)
	RI (get interrupt mask; e.g. RI)
	SN (show nbuf; e.g. SN)

Current Setting:
	Device IP =
	DHCP Server = Enable

This[1] is the only google hit I could find, in Japanese.

[1] http://pine.zero.ad.jp/meronsoft/mr_pbr007_01.htm