Sat Jan 17 18:34:21 CET 2009



          LO  HI   allowed diff
dominant  1.5 3.5    0.9 - 2.0
recessive 2.5 2.5    0.0 - 0.5

This is +-1V differential NRZ signalling.

Main ideas of CAN:
  - communication in noisy environment
  - arbitration-free broadcast

What about re-using networking cable + telephone wire?

Local canbus: probably ok to use flatcable + shield?

The idea is that CANbus does arbitration, so a local stackable bus on
CANbus might be interesting.  Does this still need a driver like
MCP2551, or can the TX/RX lines be connected?  As long as
dominant/recessive is respected it should work just fine.