Notes about using the eCos RTOS.

This discusses general eCos setup issues, OpenOCD + Olimex ARM-OCD-USB
setup issues, and Atmel AT91SAM7 platform specifics for both 'S' and
'X' variants.

20120112 Embedding Lua in eCos
20111113 eCos board support: how to add an _init() method?
20111104 Condition Variables : cyg_cond_wait()
20111031 #ifdef vs #if
20111030 AT91 GPIO interrupts - alternative approach
20111027 AT91 GPIO interrupts
20111026 ecos build system
20111019 eCos interrupt dispatching
20111011 Driver API
4 Control levels: VSR - ISR - DSR - Thread
20111004 pkgconf
20110919 cscope eCos
20110912 Synthetic target serial port
20110810 Platform defines
20110719 Serial port
20110622 Trouble with JTAG clock
20110620 eCos and stdint.h
20110612 eCos includes
20110611 Size of eCos
20110610 eCos serial ports
Using the DCC channel
20110603 Hacking the OpenOCD DCC console channel
DCC diag
eCos trouble
20110529 eCos linker section magic
20110528 AT91SAM7 and OpenOCD
20110527 Once cable: console over JTAG?
How to diff two eCos configuration files?
20110526 ecosconfig
20110420 Weird gdb/openocd problem
20110325 Racket eCos
20110306 USB Serial
20110225 SAM7X-EK and eCos LwIP ethernet
Building ecos
20110223 eCos magic
Ecos build system woes: BEWARE: header files are copied!
Duct-tape programming
20110222 ecos source file naming conventions
20110221 Ecos CDL : dependencies.
Adding hardware packages.
20110218 Managing versions and platforms in eCos
20110217 HAL_WRITE_UINT32 and volatile
Configtool: adding new packages
20110216 TTY, SERIAL, DIAG
20110212 Uploading elf through OpenOCD (not GDB)
20110211 Hooking up the SPI flash
20110210 Why does SPI init disable DBGU?
When is the DBGU disabled?
Stepping through eCos boot
Diagnostic LEDs on AT91SAM7S-EK
More serial stuff
Reset init
20110209 using ecosconfig
Setting up redboot
eCos config
Issuing halt after reset
From scratch AT91
ecos configtool
Other AT91 board
20110208 No DBGU output
Erasing flash
No debug output
Restarting without reload
Olimex ARM-OCD-USB, OpenOCD, eCos and the Atmel AT91SAM7S-EK
20110207 SAM-BA
Ecos synthetic target
Ecos multi build script
eCos CVS
Synth target 64bit
20110202 AT91SAM7S-EK
20100919 qemu + eCos
20100909 Stack overflow detection
20100906 Blocking serial port input
20100812 Execution contexts in eCos
20100811 eCos primitives for timers and queues
20100806 eCos threads
20100710 Scheduler
eCos C/C++ mixing
Getting Started