Sat Mar 25 11:54:18 EDT 2017

The Swarm

This all just happened, but let's storify:

Why did I decide to use so many computers at once?
To learn about distributed computing.
Looking at the future, it is inevitable to live in such a world.

Current I have 12 fairly tightly coupled machines.  They all run
Debian, and share the /home/tom and /etc/net code repositories.  These
make up an "inner" network.

They all have some kind of real-world constraint that requires them to
be a separate hardware node.  This is really about physical cable
lengths, and how to allow parts to be powered off.

There are other machines, but the are really just appliances.
E.g. all the openwrt, dd-wrt routers.  These just require security
patches, but are otherwise separated from the "inner" network.

The main lessons learned:
- unified namespaces
- commutation (essentially, how to pick a computation node?)
- fork/merge
- centralization as simplification (e.g DNS)
- refocus master (= distributed centralization)