Sun Aug 14 12:47:53 EDT 2016

Data and Computation

To make a distributed network behave as a normal PC - which is a lot
of what this is about - means to figure out where to put any of these
3 components:

- data access (e.g. storage, peripheral)
- computation
- user interface

The pattern I've found is that often the user interface and the data
or I/O are on different hosts, and the main question is where to run
the computation.

Some "forces:
- high data bw. pulls computation
- high I/O bw. pulls computation

Basicaly there is only one pattern: data pulls data.

The main problem is a routing problem: how to connect input to
computation to output in a way that the computation is pushed more
towards being CPU bound than data bound.

To make this practical, two mechanisms can be used:
- Make everything routable / network accessible (e.g. NFS)
- Make computation movable

The former is straightforward.
The latter is where the real problem lies.