Mon Apr 19 10:59:53 EDT 2010


Video[1] about the DM6467 HD-VICP.  For video ecoding/decoding, many
functions are fixed in standards so they can be implemented in

  - motion compensation
  - motion estimation
  - DC transform + inverse
  - quantization + inverse
  - inter/intra prediction
  - entropy coding
  - deblocking

The video talks about 2/3 -> 1 chip for 720p encoding.

These functions are available[2] to the codec designer, and not only
shrink-wrapped codec software provided by TI.

The VICP is a SIMD 8 x 8/16 MAC engine.  

There are 3 libraries (royalty-free code): high-level signal
processing, and low-level computation and scheduling units.

[1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0nrtE38Wk4
[2] http://e2e.ti.com/videos/m/digital_media_processors/108983.aspx
[3] http://www.ti.com/vicp