Fri Jul 31 15:34:06 CEST 2009


This scheme stuff is nice, but there is still too much effort in
wrapping the C<->scheme functions.  I'd like to automate that from
header files.

IN: .h file with functions operating on type_xxx C types.
OUT: .c file with typechecker wrapper functions

Infortunately, the problem isn't that simple.  In many cases one
really wants to mix C types and scheme objects in the same function.

So, let's approach the problem differently.  Is it possible to fully
split C and Scheme?  One idea is going through my head: it is really
just lists and 'cons' that are problematic, so use generators instead
of lists, and make functions use single assignment?

Delimited continuations (segments of the C stack) are useful ways to
represent iteration over data structures.  Can this be used to solve
the problem elegantly?