Tue Jul 28 18:16:10 CEST 2009

instantiating viddec

With the right params it was possible to instantiate a video decoder.
Can only instantiate mpeg4dec once, but mpeg2dec multiple times.

NEXT: look at VLC's DecodeVideoBlockInner in viddec.c and wrap the
basic ops as tinyscheme primitives.

As far as I understand, this needs a demux operation on an mpeg file,
which should produce blocks that can be fed to the decoder.  

App should manage memory, so i've added a `viddec_iobufs' that queries
the viddec and allocates buffers.

Next is VIDDEC_process() which takes a compressed frame and performs
the decompression.

So.. How to get at a sequence of compressed frames?  Maybe it's
simplest to start experimenting with decoders first?