Thu Jul 23 09:17:06 CEST 2009

About the approach

I've learned my lesson: no more will I ever build a C application
without an internal interpreter for writing setup code.

Goal is to quickly get a handle on the TI codec API by using
principles distilled from work on Staapl:

  - make gdb part of the project (done)

      * run a gdbserver loop on the target and do the same for gdb on
        the host.  `q' will restart the app.

      * set a breakpoint in a "test()" function and keep looping: make
        it difficult for gdb to exit the app if you press `c'

      * write `functional C' which means that it should be easy for
        gdb to call functions in the binary using the `p' command.

  - setup tinyscheme (done)

  - setup a meta system for programming the scheme interpreter and
    gdb. (todo)