Wed Jul 8 17:33:17 CEST 2009

running it

Need to update my nfsroot first.

setenv nfs_root /opt/nfsroot/neuros
run update-locs

This makes it boot, now how to build the tree again?

 cd rootfs
 sudo make install-nfs

Tree boots.

 cd /usr/local/bin
 ./fbhelper.sh mode pal

I get an image.  Now, how to make vlc work?  Here[2] is more info.
Basicly, use


To mount an nfs share, extra options to mount are necessary:

  mount -t nfs -o nolock,nfsvers=3,udp zni:/pub /mnt/pub

Ok, i can run vlc and it seems to be decoding, but there's nothing on
the composite output I'm using.

Ok.. i got some output after:

fbhelper.sh mode pal
fbhelper.sh plane vid0

But overall it seems to decode pretty badly to composite output.
Maybe things are different with the digital out?

There is also no audio..

This is really in very early stage.

[1] http://wiki.neurostechnology.com/index.php/OSD2.0_Development#Net-booting_your_device
[2] http://wiki.neurostechnology.com/index.php/Development_Resource#VLC_Command_line_usage_examples