Thu Mar 10 09:41:33 EST 2011

A repository is a branch

Recently I'm using git more intensively for a contract job that uses
gerrit for code review.

What I notice is that I branch more.  In git, branching is totally
trivial, and switching between branches is tool.  For gerrit it seems
that the following workflow is best:

1. record "messy" incremental changes in a development branch
2. squash into a single patch
3. rebase that patch to wherever current head moved in the meanwhile

This should also work in darcs, safe that darcs doesn't use a tree of
patches but uses a looser form that can implicitly represent any
possible tree or stack ordering.

It seems (my interpretation ..) that darcs discourages one to keep
around non-integrated branches.  In git, these simply live in the repo
and remain "hidden" as long as you want to.  In darcs they are more
explicit as separate directories.

What I miss in darcs:
  - fast branching
  - easy branch visualization

Anyway, I installed darcsweb[2].

[1] http://code.google.com/p/gerrit/
[2] http://blitiri.com.ar/p/darcsweb/