Sun Jul 24 19:03:32 CEST 2011

Learning Haskell

In Haskell I find it quite difficult to guess whether I can do
something or not, i.e. combining different abstraction mechanisms
seems to not always work as expected.  It's hard to make this more
explicit but it's as if the abstraction can get so high that you
completely loose all intuition.  Maybe it's just my learning curve
still, but I have had this going on for a while.  Maybe it's also that
I just don't write any really difficult code in C, and that in Scheme
I resort a lot to "interpretation" or loose runtime typing because the
real structure of the code isn't so clear.

The good thing in Haskell seems to be that once you do manage to
express your idea with a lot of static structure, the result is
beautiful and likely correct and very general(izable).