Thu Aug 5 19:33:57 CEST 2010

What does that mean? -- Denotational semantics

Conal about meaning[1]:

    ``In software design, I always ask the same question: "what does
    it mean?". Denotational semantics gave me a precise framework for
    this question, and one that fits my aesthetics (unlike operational
    or axiomatic semantics, which leave me unsatisfied).''

He then mentions Christopher Strachey[2] and Dana Scott[3]:

    ``Beware that denotational semantics has two parts, from its two
    founders Christopher Strachey and Dana Scott: the easier & more
    useful Strachey part and the harder and less useful (for design)
    Scott part.''

It seems that the Scott part is Domain Theory[4].  What is the
Strachey part?

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