Wed Nov 30 10:22:58 EST 2016

Seed interpreter

The main take-away: do not design software in a way that the
compilation needs to be done manually.  Managing the full stack
compilation cache is hard, but should be automated.  This is the only
real problem of IT management.  Manually managing caches is busywork -
try to solve the real problem instead.

I believe it is essential that the entire stack should be built such
that it can be recreated from a single seed:
- source code
- seed interpreter

I wonder if it is possible to start building such a thing, and what
the minimlal "seed interpreter" would be.

For most practical use, currently, my seed interpreter is a PC with a
(intensely) customized Debian installation.  This is too large!

One of the big advantages of letting cache be built from description,
is to allow rebuilds when there are problems, e.g. OTP's supervisors.
This solves a practical problem (humans write incorrect code) by
relying on a simpler "germ line" of humanly meanigful state
propagation that is easier to get correct.