Thu Nov 22 10:46:39 EST 2012


cscope -kbq

This will convert
IN: cscope.files
OUT: cscope.out cscope.in.out cscope.po.out

However, it seems to be missing things.

From manpage[1]

  -q Enable fast symbol lookup via an inverted index. This option
     causes cscope to create 2 more files (default names
     ``cscope.in.out'' and ``cscope.po.out'') in addition to the
     normal database. This allows a faster symbol search algorithm
     that provides noticeably faster lookup performance for large

  -k ``Kernel Mode'', turns off the use of the default include dir
     (usually /usr/include) when building the database, since kernel
     source trees generally do not use it.

  -b Build the cross-reference only.

[1] http://cscope.sourceforge.net/cscope_man_page.html