Sun Dec 18 09:00:38 EST 2011

Getting over C++ hate (fear?)

In discussion with someone that doesn't have this problem, it's come
to my attention lately that I have an irrational attitude towards C++.
Sure, C is simple and straightforward, but in my style I rely a lot on
the CPP.  Maybe it's time to start collecting a couple of C++ features
that would be interesting to explore, with an eye on embedded
development, to avoid having to resort to text macros too much..

- Resource management through local objects. RAAI[1].  Even without
  exception support (like eCos) it's still useful to be able to return
  and have destructors called.

- Templates: building complicated const data structures at compile
  time to be able to store them in read-only Flash memory.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resource_Acquisition_Is_Initialization