Tue Feb 5 15:53:46 EST 2019


I want to first understand


I need an example to work on.  Let's start with the temper driver,
which I need to reshape into an Erlang port program.

EDIT: It appears this redo version uses a sqlite3 db to save the

EDIT: Do this later.  For simple projects the Makefile approach is
fine.  Don't change too much at once.

tom@panda:~/exo/deps/temperv14$ cat default.elf.do 
redo-ifchange $2.c
gcc -MD -MF $2.d -o $3 $2.c -Os -lusb -Wall -Werror
read DEPS <$2.d
redo-ifchange ${DEPS#*:}

EDIT: The main property of "redo" is that it uses the first run to
determine how to guide successive runs.

Squinting a bit, this computes the output together with its

I -> (O, dO/dI)