Wed Apr 28 09:40:35 EDT 2010

Beringher B-Control Rotary BCR2000

It's quite old already, bought it for $132 inc shipping.  It's a nice
box, if you can get over the fact that rotary knobs don't have such a
high physical resolution as real pots.

I managed to hook it op to Pure Data using NRPN params.  See the patch
here[1], which receives all NRPN params and sends them to global Pd
receive objects.

So, the sysex messages.

F0        Sysex start
00 20 32  Beringher ID
00 15 20  
HH LL     Packet Sequence Number
..        Script line      
F8        Sysex end

F0 002032 001520 0000 <data> F7
F0 002032 001520 0001 ...
F0 002032 001520 0142 ...

[1] http://zwizwa.be/darcs/pd/abstractions/