Tue Aug 1 23:19:08 EDT 2017

SIP response 500 "Internal server error"

-- Got SIP response 500 "Internal server error" back from

Since about a month or so.  Possibly coincides with server update or
some other change.  I've not been really meticulous about changes,
since it always just worked after getting it to run the first time.

Support says to try again later.  It's been consistent trying to call
BE cell phones.  Land lines had a problem but that seems to be solved
last time I tried.

Maybe good though to have a look at the SIP trace, to see if there is
anything funny.  Before doing so, maybe also turn off some off the
junk traffic.  Anyway it should be easy to filter this in wireshark.

EDIT: Solved
Setting Belgian number as caller ID fixed it.