Sat Nov 15 13:01:39 EST 2014

I need a flat register map

How to generate from libopenocd defs?

Tried to mine the header files, but that was a half-working mess of
ad-hoc shell scripts.  Now using structs with instances defined in
special secions + linker script.  Can probably be automated further.

(gdb) p/x M40.RCC.APB1ENR
That's just USB.
TIM6 is not running

It just refuses to set that bit:

(gdb) set M40.RCC.APB1ENR = 0x800010
(gdb) p/x M40.RCC.APB1ENR
$78 = 0x800000

Setting TIM2 does work.
(gdb) set M40.RCC.APB1ENR = 0x800001
(gdb) p/x M40.RCC.APB1ENR
$81 = 0x800001

Maybe the device just doesn't have a TIM5,TIM6?

Yes, that's why it doesn't work!
The 103x8 devices only have 4 timers 1,2,3,4
I have 103C8 and 103R8