Thu Nov 6 12:22:28 EST 2014

Debugging USB

Halting the CPU causes USB timeouts.  Currently I've only managed to
run the CDCACM application by completely disconnecting the debugger.

I see two ways to deal with this:
- Give up on debugging USB in gdb
- Run a GDB stub over USB while running in the background

The question is really, what do I expect from a debugger tied to a
running real-time system?

Essentially I want to inspect memory and possibly execute some small
code routines.

Maybe best to just use the GDB serial protocol.  This would provide a
"console" through GDB, would avoid having to define an ad-hoc
protocol, and allows extension of any other kind of RPC that might be

I wonder if a micro like STM32F103 can set its own breakpoints /

EDIT: One thing I didn't think about is that the protocol is
absolutely horrible :)

I wonder if there's a translation layer that can be used.