Sat Dec 7 12:26:08 EST 2013

QEMU i/o write prob

Somehow the code above doesn't work..  Time to trace it.
It works from ASM:

        mov     r0,     #0x10000
        str     r0,     [r0]

But not from GDB:

(gdb) set *0x10000 = 123

Weird..  Is this a qemu gdb stub problem?  Let's trace it down.

In gdbstub.c everything goes through:

which calls:
cpu_memory_rw_debug() in exec.c line 4527

it's because is_ram_rom_romd() returns false

- should is_ram_rom_romd() return true for i/o memory?
- why does it return different values for 2 separate calls?  -> it doesn't

it seems i/o memory is simply excluded in gdbstub