Sat Sep 7 18:57:58 EDT 2013

Cortex M4 boot?

Does a M4 boot differently than an ARM 7 TDMI?

  From [1]: ...the vector table at 0 is actually a table of vectors
    (pointers), not instructions. The first entry contains the
    start-up value for the SP register, the second is the reset
    vector. This allows writing the reset handler directly in C, since
    the processor sets up the stack.

__Vectors       DCD     __initial_sp              ; Top of Stack
                DCD     Reset_Handler             ; Reset Handler
                DCD     NMI_Handler               ; NMI Handler
                DCD     HardFault_Handler         ; Hard Fault Handler
                DCD     MemManage_Handler         ; MPU Fault Handler
                DCD     BusFault_Handler          ; Bus Fault Handler
                DCD     UsageFault_Handler        ; Usage Fault Handler
                [...more vectors...]

[1] http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6139952/what-is-the-booting-process-for-arm