Tue Feb 15 12:26:21 EST 2011

OpenOCD hardware breakpoing issues

Another issue: sometimes gdb seems to loose the pedals when it won't
issue `thbreak' or `next' correctly.  Maybe the hardware breakpoint
management gets messed up?

Error: could not add breakpoint

Is there a way to list the hardware breakpoints?  Yes:

  mon bp

That doesn't seem to list anything though.  I get the following error

Error: address + size wrapped(0xfffffffe, 0x00000004)

To list the gdb-known breakpoints:

(gdb) info breakpoints 
Num     Type           Disp Enb Address    What
7       hw breakpoint  del  y   0x00101498 in demo at /home/tom/ubidata-tom/src/spi/spi.c:339

Something's not right.  Exiting OCD does solve the problem.

It seems that the "reset" command doesn't really perform a full reset.
Is there a way to reset everything, just as it would be done at init?

My current workaround is to use a "while sleep 1; do ... ; done" loop
around oocd, and invoke "mon shutdown" from gdb, followed by a