Sun Sep 26 22:15:15 CEST 2010

Armpit scheme on Olimex SAM7-H256

To build (see script in root dir)

arm-eabi-as -mcpu=arm7tdmi armpit_00.0225.s -o a.o
arm-eabi-ld -Map bin/armpit_00.0225_SAM7_H256.map --script armpit_build_link -o a.elf a.o

To program: Use the following OpenOCD command.  Note that the offset
is necessary because the elf starts at 0.  This is in contrast to the
eCos elfs that start at the correct flash base address.

flash write_image erase /opt/src/armpit/a.elf 0x100000 elf                      

UPDATE: It flashes and seems to run fine, stepping in gdb.  However I
do have some config wrong because I don't see any console activity on
DBGU and there is no virtual serial port popping up either..

[1] http://www.olimex.com/dev/sam7-h256.html
[2] http://armpit.sourceforge.net/