Wed Jun 13 12:17:32 EDT 2018



  int pm_runtime_put_autosuspend(struct device *dev);
    - decrement the device's usage counter; if the result is 0 then run
      pm_request_autosuspend(dev) and return its result

  int pm_runtime_disable(struct device *dev);
    - increment the device's 'power.disable_depth' field (if the value of that
      field was previously zero, this prevents subsystem-level runtime PM
      callbacks from being run for the device), make sure that all of the
      pending runtime PM operations on the device are either completed or
      canceled; returns 1 if there was a resume request pending and it was
      necessary to execute the subsystem-level resume callback for the device
      to satisfy that request, otherwise 0 is returned

So first try to understand if it actually suspends.
Ok, it does.
Now change the time.
#define OMAP_I2C_PM_TIMEOUT		1000000	/* ms */