Wed May 23 16:08:40 EDT 2018

Interleaving streams

Interesting problem.
- phase + pre-roll
- one of them needs the JMP

In this case, there is the sampling, which needs to be started off at
a particular well-defined point, and the transfer loop, which "locked"
to the sample loop in that the write out needs to come right in
between the last sample aquisition in the current block, and the first
in the next block.

It's easy to do by hand, but not so easy to automate.

Conceptually, the sample loop needs to be "pulled up" a couple of
ticks to allow for the write loop to align properly.  That way the
write loop can have a fixed position.

How to express this?

Suppose there are only two loops:
- sample + I/O control loop
- write out + nop pad

EDIT: Got it.  This is a door opener.