Wed Apr 18 15:36:58 EDT 2018

How to get there as fast as possible?

- Get beagle logic up


cd <directory-to-install-beaglelogic-in>
git clone https://github.com/abhishek-kakkar/BeagleLogic
cd BeagleLogic
sudo ./install.sh

First, I need the tools.  See if he has an image with the tools installed?

tom@panda:~/humanetics/BeagleLogic/firmware$ make
Makefile:28: *** 
PRU_CGT environment variable is not set. Examples given:
(Desktop Linux) export PRU_CGT=/path/to/pru/code/gen/tools/ti-cgt-pru_2.1.2
(Windows) set PRU_CGT=C:/path/to/pru/code/gen/tools/ti-cgt-pru_2.1.2
(ARM Linux*) export PRU_CGT=/usr/share/ti/cgt-pru

*ARM Linux also needs to create a symbolic link to the /usr/bin/ directory in
order to use the same Makefile
(ARM Linux) ln -s /usr/bin/ /usr/share/ti/cgt-pru/bin
.  Stop.