Sun Sep 14 22:17:49 CEST 2014


Not ready yet.
Go back to 3.2 to get a working uio_pruss driver?

asked on irc:

22:23 < doelie> hi. which kernel is recommended for playing with the PRUs? i tried 3.8.13-bone47 (original) and 
                3.8.13-bone64 but both seem to give empty /sys/class/uio after modprobe uio_pruss
22:23 < doelie> this is a bbb from digikey, 2 months ago, running debian
22:33 < LuaStoned> doelie what do you want to do with /sys/class/uio?
22:35 < doelie> LuaStoned: access the PRUs using libprussdrv.so  -- is there another way?
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22:37 < LuaStoned> well, I just started reading about the PRU two days ago.. this getting started guide helped me quite 
                   a bit: 
22:42 < doelie> thanks i'll have a look at the device tree stuff.
22:43 < doelie> what i read though is that kernel 3.8 has problems with the driver:
22:43 < doelie> https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/beagleboard/gqCjxh4uZi0
22:43 < doelie> ppl mention using 3.2
22:44 < doelie> i wonder if a more recent one is better?
22:44 < LuaStoned> I tested various example programs and they seem to run fine?
22:44 < doelie> what kernel are you running?
22:44 < LuaStoned> btw I'm on 3.8.13-xenomai bone53
22:44 < doelie> did you compile from source?
22:44 < LuaStoned> Yeah
22:45 < doelie> ok i should probably try that.. where did you get the xenomai tree?
22:45 < LuaStoned> https://github.com/cdsteinkuehler/linux-dev
22:46 < LuaStoned> I'm pretty sure the default / most recent kernel works just fine if you follow the steps mentioned